Children First Developmental Center and DCD Builders, LLC have formed a partnership.  Not only do we want to ensure quality care, we are also dedicated in providing families with the opportunity to rent or purchase a home.

Mission Statement

We are a home rehabilitation and house flipping business. We strive to provide homes via rental or with the option to purchase at an affordable rate.  We take homes that are foreclosed , condemned and rundown and  then purchase them to rebuild and rehabilitate them. At DCD we sell or rent for profit. We will conduct our business mainly in the triad surrounding areas.

At DCD we pledge to provide professional value-added home
rehabilitation services to our surrounding communities by performing the highest level of quality construction services and by treating customers, architects, engineers, employees, subcontractors and vendors as partners.

 We are committed to producing the highest quality and service for our clients and to dedicate ourselves to integrity, honesty, fairness, and responsibility. DCD's values include cosmetically and efficiently rebuilding homes in the cleanest and most efficient way possible. By using eco-friendly products and by properly recycling and disposing of materials we not only provide consumers with a safe and clean home but also a clean environment. We ensure that all our employees have the equipment needed to perform all of their tasks in a proficient manner. DCD guarantees the quality of our homes by hiring the best contractors to do the job.

Email: dcdbuilders764@yahoo.com
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